Secondary School Resources

English notes

English as a subject is examined in three papers. Oral skills, literature, composition grammar ae some of the notes availed in this section

Kiswahili Notes

Kiswahili is examined in three papers. We have availed notes in swahili grammar, swahili literature, swahili oral literature and many more

Biology Notes 

The simplified and quality notes provided here will go a long way in helping Biology students to score highly in all the three examinable papers

Mathematics Notes

Mathematics is key in career choices. The notes and exercises provided in this section will go a long way in helping learners score highly in the subject 

Chemistry Notes

Chemistry is examined in three papers. Theory and practical lesson notes can be accessed and downloaded from here

Physics Notes

Physics is feared by many students yet it is one of the most important subject in career choices. We believe the notes in this section will make a change in attitude towards the subject

History & Government Notes

Considered as one of the booster subjects in high school. We have availed the best notes in this section to make History a booster subject.

CRE Notes

Use this section to access and download all the CRE notes you need. We have availed various versions of the same notes. Download the version that you are comfortable with

IRE Notes

All the notes from form one to form four in Islamic religious Education are availed in this section for you to download for free

Agriculture Notes

We have agriculture notes which are organized in lessons to help learners study on their own and you as a teacher to male schemes with ease

Computer Studies Notes

Computer studies notes availed in this section will simplify  and make learners love and appreciate the subject 

Business Studies Notes

Download business studies notes from this section. We have also availed short notes in the subject for quick revision purposes

Home Science Notes

This section contains the best nots in home science. They are short, precise yet very easy to understand

Geography Notes

Geography is examined in two papers. The human and Physical Geography and other areas of Geography have been well tackled this section. Download!

PowerPoint Presentations

Add more flavour to your teaching by using these slides. Teaching using slides saves more time and also makes the lesson more interesting

Secondary Examinations

We have hundreds of sets of examinations for you. These exams are set by examiners and re therefore guaranteed as quality exams. You can download and use them for revision or even for assessment. You can edit them to meet your needs.